The Ta Ta Towel is a Thing!

So the Ta-Ta Towel is a thing. Yep, ladies. Apparently you’ve been drying off after a shower all wrong. Sure, you pat yourself dry, wrap a towel around your head and another around your body, but there’s a significant part of your body you have been neglecting … your boobs. For $45 you can put your boobs into a towel sling and dry your girls off the right way. It also offers enough support so you don’t encounter boob sweat while blow drying your hair or putting on your makeup. The towel is basically an around the neck bra – each boob fits into a designated end of the towel and it holds them up kind of like a terrycloth bra. The Ta-Ta Towel comes in cup sizes C to H, and according to the product website, you can wear it as a shirt until you’re ready to get dressed.


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