Styx launches music into space

Styx’s first album in 12 years is a concept album that envisions a mission to Mars. So for the lyric video of “Radio Silence,” they literally launched the record into space. The video uses time-lapse technology to condense the footage.

Here’s how they did it: A scientist and his team of students attached sealed vinyl record and CD copies of The Mission to the payload of a weather balloon and launched it into space near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The balloon popped once it reached the height of 111,000 feet, and the contents plummeted back to Earth, landing in a forest of Joshua trees in Nevada.

This is believed to be the highest a vinyl record has gone into while completely exposed. At the 3:29 mark in the video, you can see the balloon pop. Surprisingly, neither the CD nor the vinyl were damaged during the trip.

The song sounds like classis Styx – so enjoy! In addition to Tommy Shaw, the current Styx lineup also includes James “J.Y.” Young lead vocals, guitars, Lawrence Gowan on vocals and keyboards, Todd Sucherman on drums, Ricky Phillips on bass and an occasional appearance by co-founder/bass player Chuck Panozzo.

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