Rob Walker

Hey, I’m Rob. Every morning you’ll find me here, playin’ non stop tunes on Rewind 107.9 with the More Music Morning Show. This is the music I grew up, buying 45s and singing along to all of these hits on the radio. Every song is a memory for me.  I started playing records on the radio in 1985 and my career led me all around the country. (Like the WKRP theme song, “Town to town, up and down the dial…“) I’ve lived in Seattle, St Louis, the high desert of Oregon, Detroit and a dozen other places I forget, but I really love Savannah and the Low Country, and so does my family. My wife is a vet with a practice in midtown Savannah and we’ve got a daughter and a dog, both spoiled rotten.

As a true dichotomy, I also work part time as a paramedic for a 911 service just outside Savannah. So, don’t be surprised the paramedic’s voice sounds familiar if you ever call for an ambulance.

I like to hear from listeners, especially if you want to talk about one hit wonders from the 80s, so text me at the station any time, 888-802-1079 or drop me a note on Facebook.